Leland NC New Homes Subdivision Overview

Leland NC- I wanted to post a slideshow of some pictures I took last month, before the leaves changed and fell off. It is basically a photographic overview of the Summerlin Trace new homes subdivision, showing the streets and infrastructure, plus some of the common areas. I hope it gives you a good idea of the surroundings and what to expect.

I will post another slideshow of the 2 acre private park, to show you the true beauty of our nature area. The new homes of our subdivision are located on a secluded street that ends in a cul-de-sac. Streetlights and Sidewalks give you a feeling of security, and the nature trail reconnects you back to an older way of living. Our subidivision is constantly moving forward, growing with new homes and residents. If you are looking for new homes in Leland NC, please give me a call today at 910-688-DIRT, or Contact Me via my website.

The Thomas Slideshow-New Homes at Summerlin Trace

Leland NC- This is a quick slideshow of one of the new homes we have built at Summerlin Trace. It is called the Thomas, has just been built and is already under contract! This home is across from our 2 acre park and is on a large lot. It also has 2 covered porches and is over 1300 square feet. This featured photo is of the dining area. We installed 3 large windows to let in plenty of light, and plenty of quality trim and oversized crown molding to give it a fantastic look. Please check everything out and call us if you have any questions at all about new homes for sale in Leland NC.

Leland NC New Homes Update

Leland NC- Our newest home, The Thomas, on lot 3, has SOLD! It went into escrow while still under construction and closed shortly thereafter. The Thomas is a very popular split floorplan, with 2 covered porches and over 1300 heated square feet of living space (We never count porch area in the square foot of the home). The living room, dining area and kitchen have a very open feel, which is enhanced by the natural sunlight that comes through the abundance of windows. The dining area has craftsman style wainscotting and incredible crown molding that gives an elegant touch. The kitchen is very roomy, with plenty of space to move around. It also includes stainless appliances, all wood-front cabinets, recessed lighting, and a pantry with custom wood shelving. The entire living room, dining area and kitchen all have beveled pecan laminate flooring, which is more scratch resistant than wood flooring and also offers lower maintenance, so you can spend your time enjoying your new home and not just cleaning it.

Please feel free to view our slideshow on the Thomas above, and to email any thoughts or questions about it that you may have. We have started construction on lot 4 on our next new home. We are building the Dakota floorplan, a great home with around 1340 heated square feet of living space. This has been a very popular floorplan that everyone really seems to love. A great floorplan is essential to really falling in love with a home. You can have low tax rates, low crime, great schools, and a great location near restaurants and local businesses (which Leland NC AND Summerlin Trace does have!!) and yet, if you are stuck in a poorly designed home, you will not be happy. Don't settle for a home because of the price! Come to Summerlin Trace and see if you don't think that we offer the best value in new homes in Leland NC and northern Brunswick County.

I will be following up in a couple of days with a fall update. Autumn has arrived and the leaves are starting to change. I hope to post a couple of pictures here of our 2 acre private park and various trees throughout the subdivision. We have really strived to keep our subdivision as wooded and natural as possible, and feel that we offer what few other new homes in the Leland area can. If you have any questions about new homes in the Leland NC area, please call me at 910-512-4169 at any time, or contact me from this site.

Leland NC New Homes-9116 Arden is Sold!

Leland NC- The Willow, one of our new homes at Summerlin Trace in Leland NC, has sold! We have had a tremendous amount of interest in our new homes, and as of Oct 1st, have gone under contract on all of our current inventory in Leland NC. We are already pulling permits and starting construction on two more new homes, which I will post about over coming weeks. New home buyers have been impressed with the many features we put into our homes, many covered in earlier Leland NC new homes posts. Some of these features that people have been talking about include:
  • All Wood-front cabinets, made of birch, oak and other quality woods, fitted with crown molding and oversized cabinets (over microwave), to give the kitchens of our new homes a high-quality finish that exceeds your expectations.
  • Wood Shelving in our pantries and linen closets. Some new homes don't even HAVE pantries and linen closets. We try to have them in all of our new homes, and we have custom-built shelving in them. We try to listen to our buyers, and felt like the wire rack shelving was not what people wanted.
  • Mature Landscaping with sodded and irrigated front yards. When we are ready to landscape one of our new homes in Leland NC, we do NOT just pick up the phone and say "Jim-bob, come out and landscape lot #137". We personally find the nursery with the best plants at the most reasonable price, and select the best specimens for our new homes. We also choose to use centipede sod instead of bermuda sod. We think centipede sod is the best grass for our new homes in Leland NC because it requires less maintenance and work to stay beautiful.
These are just a FEW of the many things that set our Leland NC new homes apart. If you are looking at homes for sale in Leland NC, call us now, because our newest homes can be customized to your taste. You can pick the floorplan you want, built on the lot you want, and with the finish you want. You will also receive great service at no additional cost. Also please visit our Leland NC New Homes website, and contact us today by email to receive your new homes packet. You can also visit us at our community, located on Arden Rd in Leland NC.

Things You MUST Know about Leland NC New Homes!

Leland NC- A quick question: Would you like to live in the above setting, where virtually NO homes back up to other homes, and where wooded views are everywhere you look? OR, would you rather live in the setting below, where you wave at your neighbors from the front porch, the back porch, and the bedroom windows? It's something to think about.

Summerlin Trace offers new homes with a private 2 Acre Park and wooded views throughout the community. Can the new homes you're looking at compare to Summerlin Trace? If you're looking in Leland NC, are any of the following things an issue for you?
  • FLOOD ZONES- Some new homes communities are partially located in flood zones, which DO periodically flood and cause homeowners damage and inconvenience. NONE of Summerlin Trace is located in a flood zone.
  • UNDERSIZED AMENITIES- Is ONE pool really big enough for 1500 people? That's a little TOO crowded for me. Summerlin Trace has over 2 acres of Private Park for just 33 residences. The numbers work! Just rub shoulders with nature!
  • A GREAT LOCATION- Some new homes are priced cheap, yet you would need a compass, two days of rations, and a helicopter to find the neighborhood. Location is important! Summerlin Trace is located less than a half mile off of Hwy 74/76, 800 feet off of the highway on a very private closed cul-de-sac street. We are less than a mile away from the proposed I-140 bypass, close enough for convenience, yet not too close for it to be a nuisance. Call me and I can show you exactly where the bypass is going in relation to new homes in the area.
I think these are important issues to think about as you look at new homes for sale in the Leland area. I live and work in Leland NC, and am proud to represent the new homes of Summerlin Trace. Contact Me TODAY for information on our new homes and the Leland NC area.

Leland NC New Homes Exterior Features

Leland NC- I wanted to talk a little bit more today about the exterior features of our new homes. As I've mentioned before, gutters and splashblocks are standard on all of our new homes. Not just over the walkway, but on all the drip edges of the roof. We feel this helps eliminate water problems around homes, helps reduce erosion, and lets the homeowner divert and store rainwater if desired.
Another thing you will notice on our new homes, that you don't see in many other places, is a real front porch with wood handrails. The front porch on the Thomas, one of our new homes pictured above, has a front porch around 7 1/2 feet deep and about 14 ft wide. This really gives you the space you need to enjoy yourself. This porch, with a couple of chairs, a small table or planter, gives your new home a character and personality you won't find in other homes. The Thomas also has a rear covered porch AND a rear concrete patio. All of the porches on our different homes vary a little, so check out our floorplans at www.SummerlinTrace.com, pick out the one you like the best, and give us a call. You can personally meet the builder, tell him the most important features you want in your new home, and relax and enjoy the homebuying process. We guarantee to have the home you want, built the way you like, ready to move into in under 4 months.

2 Acre Private Park with Leland NC New Homes at Summerlin Trace

Leland NC- Today I want to talk about the 2 acre private park that is part of our Summerlin Trace new homes subdivision. I really would like you, as a buyer, to compare what we offer with other new home communitites in the Leland NC area. This is a TWO ACRE area reserved for just 33 families who choose to buy new homes in Summerlin Trace. Five families have already made that decision, and there are only 28 new home opportunities left. This 2 acre park is fully wooded, and is full of a lot of trees you might not expect to find in Leland NC. Most New Home Communities in Leland do not have large hardwoods like we have. Tulip Poplars, White Oaks, Red Oaks, Maples and Sweet Gums dominate this area, and give you a private place in Leland NC that will NEVER be overrun with development. We do not offer suburbia. We offer new homes on a private cul-de-sac street, built on the lot you choose, with the features you want. Some lots are still available that back up to the 2 acre nature area.

If you are interested in new homes for sale in Leland NC and like the thought of living in a place as nice as this, please call me today. You can reach me right now at 910-688-DIRT, or text or email me anytime, night or day.

Last but not least, we only have 2 new homes left that will be guaranteed to be ready to take advantage of the $8000 first-time homebuyer tax credit. Don't wait!

Leland NC New Homes- The Thomas Update

Leland NC- We have finished framing the Thomas. The Thomas is one of the new homes we are building at Summerlin Trace in Leland NC. Please take a minute below and view the new homes video links in this blog post. The first video shows the Thomas as of yesterday, Aug 6. Our framing is finished and the home is ready for windows and roofing. There is still time for someone to choose their colors for this home. We showed this home 3 times yesterday! Everyone loves the vaulted living room and master bedroom. Also, the large garden tub is very popular. With these features, I consider these new homes to be some of the best values in Leland NC!

The second video shows off our standard Leland NC new homes features from homes we've already built. What you see is standard in all of our new homes at the listed price. We dont believe in showing you one thing to get you here, and then saying when you arrive, "Well, if you'd really like a kitchen sink in your new home, it will be an upgrade!"

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please visit our Leland NC new homes website. It contains tons of area information and info on our homes. Directions and maps are available also. You will love our new homes. Come out to Leland NC today and take a look!

Summerlin Trace New Homes Location

Leland NC- Here is a quick map that shows where our new homes are located. Please click on the map to obtain directions, or call or email me anytime for assistance.

View Larger Map

We are located in Leland NC, 4/10ths of a mile off of Hwy 74/76, seven minutes from downtown Wilmington. Our new homes subdivision will be on the left, starting about 900 ft down Arden Rd. We are in a perfect location, near everything important, but off the road so we have zero road noise or traffic.
Leland NC-Summerlin Trace has new homes for sale in Leland NC, priced from the 140's. We feel our new homes offer the best value in the Leland NC real estate market, and invite you to stop by and tell us what you think.

Contact us below for your New Homes Information Packet and your $400 credit for moving expenses!